We cannot cure the world of sorrows, but we can choose to live in Joy

-Joseph Campbell

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Yami. Puerto Rican expat. Wife. Mom. Professional learner. Photography and videography enthusiast. Hopeless optimist. Arts lover. Outdoors junkie. Professional Engineer during day. Photo & video creator at night. Coffee lover. Vegetarian and recovering cheetoholic.

Life can be harsh at times. Sudden events, responsibilities, routine, work, and many other circumstances can make life hard to digest.

Life With a Side of Extra Happy (formerly Smiles & Places) is a photography and video journal. I use photography and video to capture and share things that in some way or another have brought or bring extra joy to my life. Because, just like I need my side of extra ranch with my french fries, I need my extra side of inspiration, adventure, travel, outdoors, learning, family and sharing to make life taste better.

My hope with this blog is to inspire my self, you, and many others to live life heartfully, purposely, and with gratitude.

So, welcome! I’m so happy you’re here. Make your self at home and feel free to leave comments with your blog address. I would love to come visit and read your content.

To exploring, to learning, to loving, to living, and to sharing– Salud! 🥂

To My Husband Tom ❤️

This Blog is dedicated to you my love. I love to capture every moment I spend with you, our friends, and our families.

Every year gets better and better and through ups and downs, we manage to enjoy life to the fullest with the full understanding that life is a precious gift to be nurtured and appreciated.

Thank you for the joy, the adventure, your goofiness, your unconditional support, and your love. Te Amo!  

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